Helen Hill DVD now available through Peripheral Produce

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Date: Thu Jun 19 2008 - 15:24:54 PDT

Peripheral Produce is very proud to offer "The House of Sweet Magic," a
collection of wonderful short films by our much missed friend Helen Hill.

Helen Hill (1970-2007) was a filmmaker and activist raised in Columbia,
South Carolina and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied
Experimental Animation at Harvard and California Institute of the Arts. She
taught film workshops wherever she went, and compiled "Recipes For Disaster:
A Film Cookbooklet." Helen Championed low-budget and do-it-yourself
approaches to filmmaking, including super 8, hand-processing, and drawing on
film, and insisted that "you don't need to keep up with the latest
technology to make a good film, you just need a good idea."

Helen's murder in January 2007 in New Orleans cut short the life of an
incredibly talented and original artist. Here are ten of Helen's films.
They include cel-animation, cut-out and 3-D puppet animation,
hand-processing, and live action filmmaking. Be prepared to enjoy tea
parties, a cotton candyland, romance activism, a potbelly pig family tree,
chicken angels, and much more.

The House of Sweet Magic
the short films of Helen Hill
DVD runs 56 minutes, titles include:
Tunnel of Love (1996)
Madame Winger Makes a Film (2001)
Scratch and Crow (1995)
Your New Pig is Down the Road (1999)
The World's Smallest Fair (1995)
Vessel (1992)
Film for Rosie (2001)
Mouseholes (1999)
Bohemian Town (2004)

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