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From: Lundgren (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 02:44:16 PDT

There is data supporting the claim that sales goes up because of free
sharing on the Internet.

The Industry is ofc it anyway. Why?

Because they don't mainly care about if generall sales goes up, they want to
be in controll. Because of Internet people are listening to music they
otherwise wouldn't hear, and if they like it they buy it etc., this is
making the auto-sells less and less likely. So most consumers and most
creators have something to gain. It is the big bucks that loose power... I
can't see how anyone here can be against that!?


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>I feel like I've been through this discussion many times recently.
>Obviously this issue is intractable and there is no answer that is not in
>some ways full of contradictions. Do we as artists really in the end want
>to fight for retrograde principles like property rights? Or, conversely,
>is it right that someone essentially expropriates our right to exploit the
>products of our labours? I would say the problem is utterly irresolvable
>without some sort of sacrifice in one way or another.
> But obviously, in an ideal world, there'd be no property rights, so I
> tend to lean in the obvious direction that such a belief leads me.
> That said, as a person who doesn't need to make a penny from his film
> work (and who doesn't make one, either!), it's an easy stance to take.
> But I will say this: Ubu and other similar sites which are "illegal" have
> led to dozens and dozens of orders being placed at my university library
> in the past 2 years. It's a great way to preview things; a hell of a lot
> better than begging this distributor or that for a preview tape, mailing
> it back, etc . etc. Especially when shipping to Canada from the states.
> Too much work, too much hassle, too much money. But click "play" at ubu
> and I see what I need and if it works and if it meets our needs the order
> goes out to herrr farocki or whomever.
> Not that it justifies "stealing"; this is just to say that there are real
> material benefits to having your work easy to preview. I wonder if such
> benefits don't far outweigh any disadvantages to one's business. I don't
> know though.
> And with budgets tightening, I'm less willing to order many things
> without a preview these days.
> Chris Pavsek
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