Márgenes: Experimento y Praxis

From: esperanza collado (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2008 - 19:08:19 PDT

My apologies for not posting this on the weekly listing, but Im too tired to
do all the process, and anyway its too late now. So here is my invitation to
Márgenes, which is been loads of work with very little financial support, if
you are around. No flashing names, but very interesting works and people I
swear! There is a little catalogue too I edited myself with full description
of film programmes if anyone is interested I will be happy send. Cheers.

*Márgenes: Experimento y Praxis* is a Spanish contemporary avant-garde art
festival featuring a series of talks, experimental film screenings, multiple
sound-screen environment installations, expanded cinema events, and
interventions in the public space. Starting on June 12, Márgenes will take
place at the National Gallery of Ireland, Thisisnotashop gallery, and
different public locations in the city of Dublin. A special closing event
with food and live music will take place at Phoenix Park on June 25.*

Chief curator:* Esperanza Collado. *Film-programs at The National Gallery of
Ireland: *Albert Alcoz *and *Antoni Pinent.* Video-installation works at
Thisisnotashop curated by* Oriol Sánchez.* **
Thursday 12th June*4pm National Gallery of Ireland* *KINETIC
by Albert Alcoz**Countryside and urban landscapes interchange prominence in
all the works presented in this program, which combines structures that
experiment formally with Super8 film practices, such as the frame-by-frame
technique, and other procedures which nature or format addresses forms of
documentary, diary and essay in filmmaking.*

*-La Playa*, David Domingo (2001). 1′10"
*-Vivid Obedientes, Vivid,* Hugo Cornelles (2005). 2′40"
*-Pentland's*, Patrick Danse (2007). 3′18"
*-Wien - Tagebuch (Diari de Viena)**,* Cristina Giribets (2007). 3′17"
*-Todo tiene su fin*, Armand Rovira (2005). 2′54"
*­-Fragmentos, primera impresión en S8,* Oriol Sánchez (1999). 14′44"
*-Texas Sunrise*, Lluis Escartín (2002). 20′.
*-Siete vigías y una torre*, Manuel Asín (2004). 30′.

* *


***7pm Thisisnotashop*


*by Oriol Sánchez*

*Profanations is a three-channel video work consisting in appropriation and
reconstrucion of images and sequences of films by Jules Marey, Pudovkin,
Kirsanoff, Eisenstein, Romero, Halperin, Kulechov… from which a series of
little, miniature micro-stories have been created. These stories have been
organized according to Campanas de Luz (Light Bells), a music composition by
Joan Riera Robusté. Profanations emerges from an interest in exploring
relashionships between sound and image with narratives and abstraction,
playing with the (dis)articulation found in film narratives; creating a
rupture within narrative and representation." (Oriol Sánchez)*

***Friday 13 June

*4pm National Gallery of Ireland
*PARTIAL RETROSPECTIVE**Super8 Films by Albert Alcoz*

*Albert Alcoz is a writer, artist, and filmmaker from Barcelona working
mainly on Super8. Appropriation or object trouvé, direct work on the surface
of the filmstrip, and other techniques that spoil the emulsion and distort
the original found footage make his work definable as materialist
filmmaking. One of his most recent films, Forth and Back and Forth was made
with one of the most influential experimental filmmakers of all times,
Michael Snow.*

*-Levitated Frames *(2006), 3′
*-NYC SYNC* (2008), 3′
*-Forth and Back and Forth* (2007), 2′
*-Psychedelic Light Show *(2006), 2′
*-Aterganiv* (2008), 3′
*-NIF FIN *(2007), 3′
*-Interlude* (2006), 3′
*-URB** *(2008), 1′
*-La Costa Brava* (2008), 8′
*-Home Movie Holes* (2008), 5′
-*L'ultimo Paradiso* (2008), 8′

*7pm Thisisnotashop*

*TRAYECTO(S) 1 & 2 + 8.19MIN*

*by Isaac Gimeno*

***TRAYECTO 1.2, TRAYECTO(s)(2) and 8,19MIN are 3 video-installation works
that look at different aspects of time and the so-called velocity phenomenon
associated to new technologies and how they interfere in everyday life. "In
these distances… there aren't destinies as which to arrive. They are the
consequence of a videographic experimentation through velocity. Velocity is
not a phenomenon, but a relationship between phenomena subject to the laws
of relativity. In TRAYECTO(S), relativity is understood as a circular medium
between object and subject, which is reflected in a perceptual setting
created with a spinning video camera." (Isaac Gimeno)*

*Saturday 14th June*
*4pm National Gallery of Ireland
* *CINE EXPERIMENTO* *Film-program by Antoni Pinent*

*The contemporary moving-image works presented in this program share the
research, reformulation, and destruction of different aspects that define
formally and politically the so-called cinematographic language. Notions
that have preoccupied avant-garde filmmaking at large, such as montage,
image manipulation techniques, the essence of light, decontextualization,
agitation, activism, etc., become elements of exploration of the specificity
of the medium and a particular prismatic view of the cinematic) experiment
through this works.*

*-Film: Laida Lertxundi. Drums: Corey Fogel*, Laida Lertxundi (2007), 3′50″
*-De la hospitalidad, Derecho de Autor*, Oriol Sánchez (2006), 15′
*-Farce Sensationelle!*, Laida Lertxundi (2004), 3′10"
*-Copy Scream*, Oriol Sánchez (2005), 2′19"
*-Alice in Hollywoodland*, Jesús Pérez-Miranda (2006), 7′
*-Feedback*, Esperanza Collado(2005-06), 6′40"
*-Grrr! nº 8: suena la trompeta, ahora veo otra cara*, Oliver Laxe (2007),
*-Deconstrucción en Clave de Fa*, Maximiliano Viale (2008), 3′
*-Pó de estrelas*, Alberte Pagán (2007),24′

*7pm Thisisnotashop*


*by Reivaj Yudato *

*Abismo Próximo is a multi-channel video-installation work that explores
notions of montage as incarnation and metamorphosis from a complex
perspective that contemplates historical visual representation in Christian
imagery, television and cinema. "This work demonstrates that the same
principle applies in all television broadcasts, whether if it is a football
match or war news. Both are simultaneously abysmal (distant) and close
(visible)". (Celeste Araújo)*

*Sunday 15th June *

*9.30pm Thisisnotashop (weather dependent) *


*Esperanza Collado

***Cinema…Corpus vs Cerebrum **is an on-going expanded cinema project
consisting in a live film performance in collaboration with all artists and
filmmakers present in Márgenes: Experimento y Praxis. CCC is a site-specific
work; an arrangement of four concurrent 16mm/Super8 film projectors in the
public space, onto Thisisnotashop gallery windows. The intention is to
create a dialogue between the internal and external boundaries of the
gallery -and the periodical presence of the Luas (tram) interfering the
projection beam-. A series of direct improvised manipulations during the
projection event, -all celluloid used is found-footage-, will interact with
live music by Irish composer Neil O'Connor aka Somadrone and his modular
analogue synthesizers. *


***The Fog is coming…*

*19th-25th June *

*FOG – Marta Fernández Calvo*

*Opening and presentation:*

*Thursday 18th June, 7pm Thisisnotashop*

***Fog is a participatory artistic intervention work intended to be
developed in the landscape. The large fog banks that move across the
landscape are the actual starting point of this project. The artist, Marta
Fernández Calvo, has created a "portable fog kit" from different photographs
of fog taken in Dolomitas (Italy). The "kit" will be presented to Dublin
inhabitants at a meeting and presentation on the 18th of June at This is Not
a Shop, in which people will be invited to book Fog for its installation
during one day in whatever public space they require (btw June 19-26). All
request forms to install Fog in the city will be used by the artist to
construct a calendar containing the dates and locations of Fog in Dublin.
This process will be shown daily in the gallery, which will become a
documentation base of accumulative work generated by Fog. *

*Fog functions according to the temporal availability of the audience, and,
as real fog, moves in the landscape, appearing and disappearing eventually.
This work, therefore, will be shown exclusively if required directly by
Dublin inhabitants.*



* *

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Esperanza Collado