LIFT items up for grabs

From: heather trawick (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2008 - 10:27:00 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,

To prepare for our upcoming move, LIFT has held a large garage sale this past weekend, some larger/coveted items were not sold and we would love to donate the following items to another artist-run-centre, or film co-op. Interested individuals looking to purchase anything, please feel free to contact us. Unfortunately, we cannot ship these items. They must be picked up at our current location in Toronto. Please feel free to contact us of list at tech @ for further info.

-Gang Synchs (16/35mm)
-Rewind Cranks
-16/35 Steenbeck (working although needs a few repairs)
-2 x Forox Slide Duper/Animation Stand (in parts, no diagrams or schematics available)
-2 x Marron Carrel Slide Duper/Animation Stand (also in parts with no documentation)
-Oxberry 16mm Animation Stand (in parts, needs work)
-Large and Small cast iron studio stands on rollers
-DAT players (excellent working condition)
-G4 tower with Protools 5.1, all digidesign hardware/software and documentation, keyboard, monitor and mouse


Heather Trawick
LIFT Technical Assistant

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