Re: shutterless projection

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 08 2008 - 17:33:46 PDT

On Sun Jun 8 18:59 , Jonathan Walley <email suppressed> sent:

>Dear Frameworkers,
>I'm curious if anyone has heard of an experimental film from the 60s -
>70s that was intended to be projected with the shutter from the
>projector removed. I know Sharits made references to doing this in one
>of his essays (in the Film Culture devoted to him from 1976, or was it
>78?), but it wasn't clear if he did this publicly or "in this studio,"
>so to speak, just as an experiment. But I seem to recall that there was
>someone else who made a film specifically for a modified projector sans
>shutter. Any ideas? And, if this is something that is being done now by
>anyone, I'd love to hear about that, too.
>Thanks in advance!
>Jonathan Walley
>Assistant Professor, Cinema Department
>Denison University
>Granville, Ohio 43023
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