Re: Coronet in LA

From: Fred Davidson (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2008 - 00:23:14 PDT

      Yes, but did they have Boone's Farm? Boone's Farm is the only
wine I think I would order. And then only as a prop. What Asylum
Choir song would you like to hear?

On Jun 6, 2008, at 2:50 AM, Jim Carlile wrote:

> I meant that these are all former L.A. movie revival houses that
> are no more. The Encore was on Melrose at about Van Ness and closed
> in probably '79 or so. It showed maybe three different classics a
> week. They had wine as I remember at the snack bar. The only other
> place I saw that was at Filmex.
> In a message dated 6/5/2008 11:43:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
> email suppressed writes:
> What makes you say that Jim? The Encore doesn't even exist in the
> Los Angeles area as far as I can see. Maybe you know better. But I
> don't see it.* The Tiffany is slated for demolition.** The Fox
> Venice is now an indoor swap meet.*** Only the Vanguard**** is now
> having what could be construed as musical presentations. But it is
> a dance club not an intimate rock, folk, alternative, jazz, and
> comedy club. As is the Coronet.*****
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