Re: Coronet in LA

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 23:50:24 PDT

I meant that these are all former L.A. movie revival houses that are no
more. The Encore was on Melrose at about Van Ness and closed in probably '79 or
so. It showed maybe three different classics a week. They had wine as I
remember at the snack bar. The only other place I saw that was at Filmex.
In a message dated 6/5/2008 11:43:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
email suppressed writes:

What makes you say that Jim? The Encore doesn't even exist in the Los
Angeles area as far as I can see. Maybe you know better. But I don't see it.* The
Tiffany is slated for demolition.** The Fox Venice is now an indoor swap
meet.*** Only the Vanguard**** is now having what could be construed as musical
presentations. But it is a dance club not an intimate rock, folk, alternative,
jazz, and comedy club. As is the Coronet.*****


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