100D Super 8/Cartridges

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 11:46:40 PDT

In response to...

> 100D requires a strange unorthodox notching system that violates
the SMPTE super 8 notch protocol. There is no ASA 100 daylight notch
size, and it would require some contortions (and knowledge on the part
of the users) to circumvent the two very different ways they would have
to cut the cartridge to set cameras to ASA 100. One way is complicated
and could result in many errors, the second won't work on many newer

...I forwarded the above recent Frameworks posting to Spectra, who replied:

'We made various calculations, changes and tests along the way to find
the perfect notch. Now, we simply follow Kodaks lead by notching the
carts the same as their 100ASA PlusX. This is what most of the
shooters prefer from us as well.'

And indeed Flying Spot, who recently transferred 8 rolls of EK 100D (ordered from Spectra) for me, tells me everything looks marvelous.

Now if only Spectra could get their hands on those darn cartridges so they could load up some more. It's crazy; Spectra has the stock, but no cartridges. And Super 8 Sound has the cartridges but no stock. Oy...


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