Re: Printing super 8mm film...

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 02 2008 - 23:07:59 PDT

Don't let anyone steer you wrong!

Andec Filmtechnik in Berlin will make Super8 prints from S8 negative.

I had a test roll of 7218 done in February, and they just printed 20
more for me last week.
It's not cheap, you pay by the meter, and there's a minimum.
The cost is 1.50 euro /meter (1.25 euros / meter for 150m or more)
for printing,
and there's a 2.50 euro surcharge for each 15m roll printed from
negative that's already been developed elsewhere, but I found it
cheaper to develop in the USA and send to Berlin for printing.

Check out the Andec page here:

Ludwig Draser from Andec answered all my questions in advance, so you
should email him.
I'm very happy with this rare service!

Good luck!

Stephen Kent Jusick

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