(LIFT) Forox questions repost

From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 27 2008 - 18:43:18 PDT

Hello all,

Reposting this as we need everyone's help identifying some of the gear we're
uncovering in LIFT's storage before our move (July 2008). We're looking to
send a lot of it to new homes who can use it so any help is much appreciated.
We're also having a filmmaker's garage sale June 7th 12-4pm at the LIFT office
in Toronto to clear out things we won't be taking with us. If you want information
on equipment for sale let us know off list.


Ben Donoghue

Repost is here:

I have recently found what I believe to be a working Forox animation stand.
It is in pieces, so I'm not entirely sure if I have everything. Everything
appears to be clean and functional. Here's a breakdown of what I have (please
excuse my lack of proper terminology on some of this stuff);
2 X Forox SS cameras with 4 square mags,
10 foot motorized column,
a table top with rotating axis plates,
2 x Omega D5500 lamphouses,
2 x Marron Carrel cameras with 8 mags,
2 x Marron Carrel control/power units for copy lights...
And one GIGANTIC computer console. seriously this computer "tower" looks like
a large 70's TV, complete with fake wood paneling. Has a small Forox screen
that, when fired up, looks like something from 'War Games'.
If anyone has any documentation, Photo's of how it looks set-up or electrical
schematics, diagrams etc on any of this stuff it'd be greatly appreciated.
Heather Trawick"

"It is a society, and not a technique, which has made the cinema like this. It could have been historical examinations, theory, essay, memoirs. It could have been the film I am making at this moment." -Guy Debord

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