Forox SS Marron Carrel Animation Stand Help

From: heather trawick (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 08:55:17 PDT

I have recently found what I believe to be a working Forox animation stand. It is in pieces, so I'm not entirely sure if I have everything. Everything appears to be clean and functional. Here's a breakdown of what I have (please excuse my lack of proper terminology on some of this stuff);
2 X Forox SS cameras with 4 square mags, 10 foot motorized column, a table top with rotating axis plates, 2 x Omega D5500 lamphouses, 2 x Marron Carrel cameras with 8 mags, 2 x Marron Carrel control/power units for copy lights... And one GIGANTIC computer console. seriously this computer "tower" looks like a large 70's TV, complete with fake wood paneling. Has a small Forox screen that, when fired up, looks like something from 'War Games'.
If anyone has any documentation, Photo's of how it looks set-up or electrical schematics, diagrams etc on any of this stuff it'd be greatly appreciated.
Heather Trawick
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