Re: The return of Kodachrome

From: James Cole (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 14 2008 - 00:02:19 PDT

I'm pretty much cool with any Cine-Lab dude who throws around the word
Hater-Aide like its something to say. Lovin' it. So I'm with Rob

And seriously, is there any reason at all not to like the stock that
was used for Chumlum and Inaguration of the Pleasure Dome? Does
anyone contend that those flicks look anything other than perfect?
If, as I assume, we all agree that those two films are perfectly
beautiful, than how can K-Ch be anything other than wonderful?

And if it is wonderful, then why even have this arguement?

I'm lost, to be quite honest. Is there really any doubt that
Kodachrome is awesome looking? Maybe I don't know enough, but it
looks awesome to me, and everyone I know says it looks awesome, so
what is the disagreement?

Please, someone, explain to me the point of contention. One one side
are the people who love an awesome looking film stock that doesn't
fade, and on the other side is... who? I seriously don't know. Who
is on the other side, and what do they believe? Seriously.

-James Cole

On 5/14/08, Robert Houllahan <email suppressed> wrote:
> In my position of film jerk I look at probably millions of feet of film
> every year, Kodachrome looks like Kodachrome, does anything else look like
> it? No... We did an archival project for the state of Massachusetts about a
> year ago with allot of Kodachrome dating to 1936 or so, which had to be the
> beginning of K-Chrome?, amazing , no really amazing.. time in a bottle.
> I'll take film however It is as, others have said, my Church... much better
> than any other church... I'll take camera's anyhow too.. I smashed a HVX-200
> on friday (by accident) oh.. that hurt.. I put it on a bad stills tripod and
> as I grabbed my Eyemo to do some hand-crank on a band it popped off and
> broke....
> So why argue? isn't there enough Hater-Aide going around? People before us
> smashed up and beat up this medium time to smash it up some more, those guys
> who invented K-Ch never expected a Church... Just because they created it
> does not mean they have a say in the religion... ;-)
> The future may be a advance or a collapse, either way an emulsion will be
> there, if a nano bot Mr.Fusion future exists a homemade K-Chrome nano made
> stock will be easily available to the artist who wants it, if a collapse
> then eventually we will crawl back to K40 from a sloppy slow B+W kitchen
> emulsion..
> Can't we all just get along?
> Robert Houllahan
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