Re: The return of Kodachrome Super8?

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Mon May 12 2008 - 15:14:09 PDT

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Carlile's statements oppose the whole history and "ideology" of what it
means to make experimental/avant-garde films

I take that as kind of a compliment, actually.
And it's completely false, too. The film world is full of lots of extreme
orthodoxy-- like how about the folks who completely scorned color film to begin
with? Or who condemned sound?
Face it guys-- it's time to move on. Kodachrome is not coming back. No one's
going to be manufacturing it again. It was a decent little slide film that
Kodak kept porting over to amateur movie making and it served its purpose. It's
 cumbersome to make and even more cumbersome to process.
The results people are getting nowadays with 64T and even Ektachrome 100D or
the Velvia reversal is fantastic. And negative stocks have to be seen to be
believed in the small gauges. There's so much you can do with it -- and yes--
you can emulate a Kodachrome look if you want, whatever it is ( magenta, in
my view.)
No one's trying to force people away from Kodachrome, but it was highly
overrated anyway and there are so many myths surrounding it that it's getting
annoying hearing them all the time.
That many people surround this film with excess emotion makes me wonder just
what's going on. The hatred that Kodak had to deal with when they finally
discontinued this film was pretty incredible to witness. It's not church, folks.

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