Subversive Nub Hacked ...

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Fri May 09 2008 - 06:58:07 PDT

Hello All,

  Even though I knew that this could potentially happen,
  I was kinda hoping that no one would care enough to do
  it, but finally someone found that you could post
  information to the "Subversive Nub" and decided to
  do just that. I've cleaned it up a bit.


  Because of the way that I built the program it keeps a
  "first in first out" stack of up to 40 messages. So,
  for a number of records, someone with an ip address in
  russia decided to put links to porn and cell phone sites,
  in some cases destroying the history of the records.

  I've cleaned and backed up what I could, but in some
  other cases information was lost - but its still a good
  resource. I think the records we had on about 2 dozen
  films or so were lost. It was heavily updated in 2006 but
  I think since then a number of these films have shown up
  on DVD or been located elsewhere, so, if the community is
  interested in browsing and placing more information on
  where and how to find these movies, or anything else
  that they would like to, that would be great.

  I've also
  disallowed html-like links, so if you could just place
  text, that would be best.

  The program has been modified to take only the first
  40 comments and everything falls off, so that now we
  won't lose anything, but merely need to rid of spam like
  cruft as it appears.


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