Re: Flaming Creatures

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 08 2008 - 07:13:26 PDT

Hi Jerry--------

Greetings from Brooklyn!

I am wondering why Jack's work should not be somewhat more widely available at this point. For instance, we know that Flaming
Creatures is online for viewing at UBU; Jack would shit if he knew that his work has suffered the fate of Montez's flix. There ought to
be options for renting it in 16.

In addition to the rental income, I know there were benefit screenings to produce prints. Is there a shortage of prints, or of funds for

Best wishes!


On Thu May 8 7:33 , Jerry Tartaglia <email suppressed> sent:

>Re: Flaming Creatures
>The films of Jack Smith are not available for
>rental in Europe. The prints that are at the FDK are not for rent. They are
>study prints. The NY Filmmakers Co-op and Canyon Cinema are the only sources for
>16mm rental.
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