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Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 05:12:18 PDT

Saturday, April 26th - 8 pm
MadCat Women's International Film Festival
Touring Program Presents ID DOCS
$8 Admission/ $7 Students/ $4 Members
Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N. Clark St., 2nd Floor

MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival TOUR
ID Docs curated by Ariella J. Ben-Dov
Identity cannot be reduced to stats on a badge. It is both personal and
public, elusive and fixed. Using a patient camera and lyrical imagery, these
filmmakers gently probe how society, biology, place, and even appliances
play a role in who we are and how we think of ourselves and others.

The Widows¹ Coast Janina Lapinskaite
2006 € 25 min € Color € Mini-DV € Lithuania
A poetic portrait of the residents of a Baltic seacoast village whose lives
are marked by painful loss. The heroes of the film are widows who face their
seemingly tragic destiny with the strength and vitality usually reserved for
the unscathed.

The Market Ana Husman
2006 € 9:32 min € Color € Beta SP € Croatia
A stop-motion homage to locally grown produce and tight-knit communities.
The ladies of this Croatian market gregariously share the art of growing the
perfect piece of fruit and how to prepare traditional preserves. But do not
dare cross the unspoken boundary and handle the goods‹these jolly ladies
mean business.
Lost Without You Fiona McGee
2006 € 5:22 min € Color € Mini-DV € Australia
Girls and their mobile phones. How attached can they get?
Benidorm Carolin Schmitz
2006 € 19 min € Color € Mini-DV € Germany
In high tourist season eager sunbathers flock to Benidorm¹s concrete coast
on the Mediterranean for its endless sun and cheap amusements. Off season,
its residents are largely pensioners. Winner of the 2006 German Short Film
Prize, this documentary examines the changing age structure of our society
and its obligatory clichés through the lens of this small Spanish town.
Portraits & Testimonies #3: Cris Sequeira Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson
2006 € 1 min € BW € Mini-DV € US
Part of a series of animated interviews, this film features Brazilian Cris
Sequeira discussing her beliefs on life, death, and life after death.
Miriam, Impression of Light An Coenen
2005 € 11:50 min € Color € Mini-DV € Belgium
An adopted albino girl and her boyfriend talk about her identity and
appearance. How does it feel to be different in a world that strives for
uniformity and perfection?
I Am Me Kathrin Resetarits
2006 € 30 min € Color € Mini-DV € Austria
Twin ballerinas Olga and Anastasia can be made to dress alike and look
identical. But when they dance the part of the dying swan, their movements
demonstrate two individual personalities. Following two sets of twins, the
filmmaker explores the meaning of individuality in uncommon and everyday
MadCat¹s NYC address is 10 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 USA

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MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival
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