LIGHT SHOW at Baltimore's Contemporary Museum, tomorrow evening 4/24/08 at 7 pm

From: Joanna Raczynska (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 07:40:00 PDT

Two upcoming screenings for those Frameworkers in the DC/Baltimore area...
LIGHT SHOW Stateless Cinema program at the Contemporary Museum Thursday, April 24, 2008 (tomorrow) Doors at 6:30 pm, screening begins at 7 pm 100 W. Center Street, Baltimore, MD $3 students / $5 general admissionTaking the Contemporary’s current exhibition Double Take: The Poetics of Illusion and Light as a point of inspiration, Stateless Cinema has organized this program of short experimental films and videos by artists who investigate the lightness and darkness around them.
Stateless Cinema is the collective effort of three provincial ex-pats (KJ Mohr, Rhyen Piggott, and Joanna Raczynska) whose mission is to screen and celebrate the most important works of film and video that we’re eager to share. More information at sponsored by Creative Alliance movie makers (CAmm) Cage and Media LabProgram:New York Near Sleep for Saskia (10 min., 16mm, 1972) by Peter Hutton "Using exciting juxtapositions of shade and movement, this silent and surreally poetic film examines subtle changes of light and landscape in New York. New York Near Sleep for Saskia exploits the basic potential of film for capturing light refractions. Hutton imposes on this film the aesthetics of still photography and uses as a structural device the duration of perception of the subtle reflection of movements and illuminations." - Bill Moritz, Theatre VanguardPrivate Movie (6 min., video, 2000) by Naomi UmanThrough studies on light, movement, happiness, glowing darkness and flickering melancholia, this video tells of a woman's journey of love with nostalgia, pets, places, and men.Tuareg (6.43 min., video 2008) by Bruce ChecefskyA melodious assemblage of Alencon lace, Venetian lace and Point D'espirit lace; artificial silk flowers, plants and trees seen as shadows cast by tube, pocket, and LED flashlights. Photographed in black-and-white on outdated direct positive film from 1985, the resulting dense grain images evoke a veil of secrecy and tension surrounding the film's meaning.Observando El Cielo (19 min., 16mm, 2007) by Jeanne Liotta"Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth. This work is neither a metaphor nor a symbol, but is feeling towards a fact in the midst of perception, which time flows through. Natural VLF radio recordings of the magnetosphere in action allow the universe to speak for itself. The Sublime is Now. Amor Fati!" — J.L.[B]LACK (11 min., video, 2006) by Kenyatta Forbes Through this potent and provocative performance, viewers' assumptions about the subject are challenged and brought critically and intelligently into question, using humor to draw us in and then confronting us, as the subject literally purges ideas of Blackness which we've digested for decades.Alice Sees the Light (6 min., 2006) by Ariana GersteinAlice laments the loss of her view of the universe, one of her intial reasons for living in the country. The change in her environment is the result of "security lighting" for a large corporate storage facility. AND..
Avatars: The First Person of New Media part of the Washington DC International Film FstivalMonday, April 28 at 6 pm Landmark's E Street Cinema, 555 11th Street, NWPart fantasy and part substitute for real experience, the avatar is a "new" media character and element that recurs in contemporary media art. The animated figure of the avatar, the disembodied voice, and the idea of the virtual "first person" are all explored in this program. The concepts of identity and communication in the digital age weave through these works by artists who question and manipulate the ubiquity of technology in our daily lives. Curated by Joanna Raczynska
What it Means to be From Idaho by Shawn Rider and Sarah Wichlacz2003, 4 mins.Video elements use animated still photographs, text, and location-specific audio to create an abstract video poem.
Dwarfs The Sea by Stephanie Barber
2008, 6 mins. A reminscence over still images of sailors by a computerized narrator
10 Simple Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop by Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg2008, 8 minutesThis short explores the growing intersection between labor, emerging virtual economies, and real-life commodities through the creation of a designer jean sweatshop in the metaverse Second Life.
Involuntary Reception by Kristin Lucas2000, 17 minutesA double-image, double-edged report from a young woman lost in the telecommunications ether.
Stranger Comes to Town by Jacqueline Goss2007, 29 minutesThey say there are only two stories in the world: man goes on a journey, and stranger comes to town.
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