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I wanted to go to this. You have been telling me about his films for awhile now.
I hope the show was great. I am sure it was.

I was finishing up my curatorial responsibilities for the conference down in Santa Cruz. The sad thing is that I will not be able to enjoy the conference/the fruits of my labor, because I have a film job that month that will keep me up in the Redwoods for about three weeks, with no time to drive down to santa Cruz to partake of the conference offerings.

I have been thinking of you and I would like to see you soon. I am very busy, but between April 28-May 7, I have some unscheduled time. Do you have any availability during that period?


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>Subject: SF WED APR 16, Emigholz: "Schindler's Houses"
>Quick reminder for Bay Area locals of a very special
>show curated by kino21 and co-presented with AIASF,
>Goethe Institute and YBCA.
>WEDNESDAY April 16th, 7:30PM
>Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
>701 Mission St.
>San Francisco
>by Heinz Emigholz
>35mm, color/Dolby sound, 99 min. (2007, Austria)
>German artist, writer and filmmaker Heinz Emigholz
>will be in person to introduce, screen and answer
>questions about his film on the houses built in Los
>Angeles in the mid-20th Century by Austrian-American
>architect Rudolf Schindler.
>Shot in May 2006 the film is both a catalog of forty
>buildings built the years 1931 to 1952 and a
>meditation on urban Los Angeles life. It is also the
>filmmaker's latest in a series of considerations of
>modern architects through their work: "Architecture as
>Note: on April 17th, Pacific Film Archive also shows
>more of Emigholz work from this series on architects
>Louis Sullivan, and Adolf Loos and Robert Maillart.
>I attended the 2003 premiere of his earlier film on
>another american maverick architect, Bruce Goff, and i
>must say he is excellent at facilitating a rich
>reception of his own work, without "explaining" it
>away. The film itself is subtle and challenging
>without being demanding or pretentious. A rare treat
>in the avant garde world!
> konrad
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