when sally met frank

From: victoria waghorn (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 19:16:49 PDT

hello all fellow frameworkers

just wanted you to let you know that my recent film "when sally met frank" which screened in conjunction with "a night of horror international film festival" which played over 9 days here in sydney just won "best australian film". we also played the 10th boston underground film festival recently. although the film was not shot on film (more's the pity), the next one will be since part of the prize included a bunch of 16mm stock and ATLAB processing which is wonderful.

what is interesting about our humble little film despite it being shot on HDV (we just used the sony Z1P) is that it did still manage to look pretty (thanks to our skilled DOPs: marc tawil and james mcintyre), was a genuine no-budget job (i used my lowly rent cheque to pay for the "star", location and tape) and was an accidental script to screen in five day wonder as part of the KINO underground movement KABARET challenge just before christmas in 2007.

i have been voyeuring and gleaning information from this list since i was in my final throes at film school in 2005 and your support and information has been invaluable. i've still got a lot to learn (and always will) but i'd like to thank you all for your indirect input despite the sometimes low signal to noise personal relevance ratio in my inbox it's well worth being a member of this community.

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