Re: Athletics vs. Aesthetics

From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 07 2008 - 18:18:13 PDT

Brett Kashmere's VALERY'S ANKLE from just a year or so ago is one.

Another is the quite amazing FOOTBALL AS NEVER BEFORE by Helmuth Costard
from maybe 30 years ago - many many cameras follow one player very closely
through a game, it is cut in real time (so it is a feature, 90 minutes, I
can't remember if the halftime is included) and it resolutely does not
show the rest of the field. The player was George Best, so I am assuming
this was English Premiere League. It is an experimental film, goes
completely against the grain of the way soccer is usually shot and edited,
and it makes you rethink all assumptions of both the subject and its
conventional handling.

        - Whiteside

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