MultiScreener 0.7b - Multichannel Video freeware

From: Zach Poff (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 14:19:42 PDT

Hi folks. I'm just writing to say that I finished some new freeware. Feel
free to give it a workout if you need to sync multiple screens of video.

From my website:

"MultiScreener is a set of freeware applications that synchronize the
playback of Quicktime movies on multiple computers, using a local network
to tie them all together.

It is intended for multi-screen video walls, multichannel art
installations, and the like. (It's an alternative to Pioneer DVD Players
and expensive synchronizer hardware.) There are two applications: Server
and Client. The server plays a movie and sends position information over
the network. Each client compares its position to the server's and changes
its playback speed to compensate.

Looping is available, and all settings are automatically saved for
unattended startup. MultiScreener can output to the computer screen in
fullscreen mode, or to external video devices like firewire DV. There is no
native resolution or frame-rate, so all Quicktime video formats are
supported equally."

Hope it helps somebody.


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