Luke Fowler x 3 at Hot Docs 2008 in Toronto

From: Lina Rodriguez (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 13:34:45 PDT



Greetings Frameworkers,

For those of you in Toronto, below is all the information on Hot Docs Shorts
Programs for this year's festival...including Luke Fowler's "Pilgrimage from
Scattered Points", "Bogman Palmjaguar" and "What you see is where you're

Hope you can make it,

Lina Rodriguez


*The 15th Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (April 17-
27, 2008) presents:*

* *

*NEXT SHORTS 1 – Luke Fowler x3*

*Co-presented with Images Festival*

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*Pilgrimage From Scattered Points*

D: Luke Fowler / UK / 2006 / 45 min

Filmmaker Luke Fowler depicts the Scratch Orchestra's composer Cornelius
Cardew in action, resonating in a brilliant, impressionistic visual
landscape. Sound and image unite to form a hypnotic and freely associating
current, which reaches far into the subjective sphere of experimental film.

*Screening with:*

*Bogman Palmjaguar*

D: Luke Fowler / UK / 2007 / 30 min

The reclusive life of Bogman Palmjaguar, a one-time patient of iconoclast
"anti-psychiatry" psychotherapist R.D. Laing. Evocative field recordings,
landscape imagery and personal narrative are meticulously interwoven to
produce a portrait not only of a man who desperately sought refuge but of
the surrounding environment in which he seeks solace.

*What You See Is Where You're At*

D: Luke Fowler / UK / 2001 / 28 min

A disturbing collage of found and archived recordings constructs a profile
of renegade psychotherapist R. D. Laing's "anti-psychiatry" movement. In
1965, a community of 20 people-anti-psychiatry leaders, including Laing
himself, and their former "patients"-move in together. Over the next five
years, they collectively explore the definitions of madness. The film
re-appraises the culture of oppressive psychiatry and multinational
pharmaceutical companies.

*INNIS** TOWN HALL - 2 Sussex Avenue – Toronto, Ontario *

*Sat Apr 19 9:15 PM $12*

*Mon Apr 21 7:15 PM $12*

*NEXT SHORTS 2 – After Communism*

*Co-presented with Images Festival*

* *

*Rosa**'s Letters - Telling a Story*

D: Pia Rönicke / Denmark / 2006 / 44 min

Rosa's Letters - Telling a Story centres on the letters of Rosa Luxemburg
(1870-1919), pioneering Polish socialist, philosopher and revolutionary. But
rather than simply documenting the life of a historical personality, artist
Pia Rönicke appropriates the letters in a deliberately subjective manner. A
fascinating transformation takes place as intimate letters become publicly
accessible, historical documents.

*Screening with:*

*Alles wird wieder gut*

D: Frédéric Moser Philippe Schwinger / Germany / 2006 / 20 min

In his 1917 "Farewell Letter to Swiss Workers," Lenin lauds the "proletarian
revolution that is beginning in Europe." His words take on modern relevance,
raising questions of social utopias in this layered observation of village
life in an East German community.

*The Head / Der Kopf*

D: Deimantas Narkevicius / Lithuania / 2007 / 13 min

In 1970s Vilnius, Lithuania, sculptor Lew Kerbel unveils his 40-ton bust of
Karl Marx to a crowd of more than 250,000 people. Only 20 years later, the
nation's revolution stamps out all traces of social realism in the country.
Within just a few days, almost all of the monuments from the Soviet era are
torn down. Sculptor and filmmaker Narkevicius revisits people's reactions to
the massive monument, both then and now.

*Sand Quarry*

D: Raphaël Grisey / Germany / 2006 / 6 min

Inspired by the search for a Lenin statue that was moved in the wake of
German political shifts, the video explores an urban environment for traces
of a leftwing resistance, revolutions and revolutionaries.

* *

*INNIS** TOWN HALL - 2 Sussex Avenue – Toronto, Ontario *

*Mon Apr 21 9:45 PM $12*

*Wed Apr 23 4:15 PM $10 (FREE for students & seniors with
valid ID) *

*NEXT SHORTS 3 – Mapping Identity*

*Lovely Andrea*

D: Hito Steyerl / Austria / 2007 / 30 min

A filmmaker searches for an old photo spread of herself as a Japanese "rope
bondage" model and turns up a universal critique of identity and censorship.

*Screening with:*

*Cock Fight Song*

D:Lilibeth Cuenca / Denmark / 2006 / 3 min

Lilibeth Cuenca explores the national sport of her native Philippines,
cockfighting. Blending the pop music persona of a half-plucked dancing cock
with bloody documentary footage of real fights and betting, she critiques
male domination and macho culture.

*Je suis une bombe*

D: Elodie Pong / Switzerland / 2006 / 6 min

An erotic dancing panda bear is a woman's alter ego and a filmmaker's
commentary on sexuality and persona.

*Perfect/Growing Older (Dis)gracefully*

D: Esra Ersen / UK / 2006 / 23 min

Struck by the radical transformation currently taking place in Liverpool in
the run-up to being a European Capital of Culture, Ersen becomes an urban
planner of sorts by transferring those methods from city to person. By
performing a makeover on a long standing resident of Liverpool, the
filmmaker provokes questions on how urban processes affect the people who
experience them firsthand.

*Time Flies*

D: Frédéric Moser, Philippe Schwinger /Germany / 2006 / 4 min

Based on Monica Lewinsky, the character of Amanda Cook is presented in a
five-minute portrait. Wandering around an empty theatre, she wonders if,
after hosting a TV show, designing a handbag collection, searching for God
and "dallying" with the President, she can ever marry a normal man?

* *

*INNIS** TOWN HALL – 2 Sussex Avenue - Toronto, Ontario*

*Fri Apr 25 9:30 PM $12*

*Sun Apr 27 4:45 PM $10 (FREE for students & seniors with
valid ID) *

*Ticket Info:*

Order advance tickets and pass sales at the DOCUMENTARY Box Office (87
Avenue Road, 2 Blocks North of Bloor, upper level of Hazelton Lanes), online
at, or by phone at 416-637-5150.

Visit for further information and detailed film descriptions.

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