Re: Athletics vs. Aesthetics

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 22:02:40 PDT

Three years ago, Tom Palazzolo submitted a very funny animation about
Chicago baseball, and fans, to the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
Unfortunately, I can't remember the title at the moment.

Ken B.

Quoting Steve Polta <email suppressed>:

> Issue No. 4 (published july 1985) of the journal
> SPIRAL features a section called "Baseball and
> Filmmaking" which features artworks, photos, and
> poetic musing type writings by Thomas Boswell, Albert
> Kilchesty, Steve Osborn, William Scaff, Tom Palazzolo,
> Jeff Kreines and Michael Guccione. It's actually
> pretty loose on the explicit relationships between the
> two, more of a weird musing creative project by a
> bunch of guys who were digging baseball, but it's
> kinda fun to read.
> At some point in the 1980s or early '90s it is alleged
> that Albert "Buddy" Kilchesty curated a program on
> baseball-related film (presumably exp. film) in San
> Francisco. I've always assumed this was presented at
> San Francisco Cinematheque (where he worked at the
> time) but am striking out (ha ha) on locating details.
> Any old timers out there remember this one?
> Finally(?), Lewis Klahr's SOFT TICKET is composed,
> almost exclusively I believe, of images from baseball
> cards and audio recordings of sports announcers. A
> pretty interesting film. has anyone screened this
> thing anywhere???
> Steve Polta
> San Francisco Cinematheque
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