Re: NOT Region 0 DVD's

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 12:54:12 PDT

1. Many, if not most, of the younger folks I teach don't have CDs. Or DVDs.
 The idea of physical media doesn't even make sense to them except as a
source for manipulation. To them, cinema is something you go see in a
theater or similar venue, or something that is out there in cyberspace,
moving into and out of whatever storage is around. This is all happening too
fast even for me - I am still adjusting to the fact that email is passe and
texting is the way young people communicate. Habits around media are
changing just as quickly if not more.
2. As cinemas go digital, assuming bandwidth continues to scale, it makes
more sense for them to deal with online/networked delivery than physical
3. Even fIlm will outlast DVDs or any other physical digital media for this
reason: there is nothing that can be offered in a physical digital format
that cannot, ultimately and if bandwidth allows, be offered via something
like the internet in terms of image quality or structural features. Film
does offer something: a particular visual quality (okay, maybe we'll get
THOSE kinds of deep blacks someday digitally), and a certain resonance as a
physical object (I say this as someone who reluctantly went all digital some
years ago and has not looked back).

4. The world is drowning in stuff. The sooner we can get rid of plastic
disks and their packaging, the better. As the need for them decreases, there
will be a strong push from those who care about such things to retire such

Just opinions of course.


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