Super8 Festival in Greek Island

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 18:21:40 PDT

Hey all,
A friend sent this along a bit ago - something to consider perhaps while on
a trip to The Temenos <>?
It's not necessarily 'on the way' for people coming to the country from
anywhere but the south, but...

There's no deadline that I could see, though I did email them a second ago
about it.


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Objet : Super 8 Film Festival. Santorini. Greece.

Dear all,

As you probably already know, a little project is in the works on the Greek
Island of Santorini. After visiting the island and working (and loving it)
at a great bookstore, *Atlantis Books*, a bunch of people and I had this
idea of creating a film festival there. The white walls offer natural
screens all around the village which is a maze of small streets, a place to
get lost and enjoy the stunning landscapes, sunsets and moonlight.

* A Super 8 Film Festival. *
* Only Super 8.*
* Festival Détours*
* June 20th - 23rd 2008.

We'll have short movies projected in the village, at different spots (about
10), for 3 nights in a row (with real super 8 projectors, no digital).
People, tourists, locals, summer residents, (a nice crowd) will gather to
watch the films and walk around the village. We'll provide a map with
different sites and details about the films projected (and about the film
makers of course).

Films will come from different countries and places, Europe, US, South
America, etc... and *the more films we get, the better*. Thanks for passing
the word !

The films can be either black and white or color films. (Tri X / Plus X or
Short films (not more than 20min).
Most of them will have to be silent, since we will be projecting the films
in the streets with shops and restaurants around. In the more remote spots
where they'll be projected (like small square places and for example near
the old wind mills of the village) we'll just have the sound of the

In addition to the films projected on the streets between 10 and 12 at
night, we'll also have the "After Midnight Series". This will be for films
with sound.
On the (amazing) terrace of the bookshop (Atlantis Books), there will be
projected films for an audience (not just the passers-by) AND the best
part is that the soundtrack could be played live, on site, on the terrace in
synch with the film. You can make a film and then you can come and play the
soundtrack with us. If you can't make it, we'll also have other bands and
musicians playing too.

So, now that you know more about the project, would you pass the word?

so, join us, send films and it's gonna be fun!

cheers and happy Super 8!


ps: mes excuses aux francophones destinataires de ce message... bientôt une
version du site en français. Et en grec!

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-ekrem serdar
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