This Wednesday at Film Society, Alfred Guzzetti in Person

From: rebecca meyers (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 17:10:44 PDT

*Mass Art Film Society
Wednesday April 2 at 8pm
Alfred Guzzetti in Person

*"The moon is the same, although the surroundings are not."

Guzzetti's deep subjectivity and consciousness are transparent in his
exquisitely composed, carefully crafted, and concise images. Descriptions of
landscapes, public and private spaces, advertising and television images
rhythmically lull us into a gentle contemplation; then interrupt us by
assaultive sounds, quick edits and scrolling texts... [articulating] the
complex anxiety of being in a foreign place and the projection of our
consciousness onto changing landscapes. (Tanya Leighton, *Location One*)*

THE TOWER OF INDUSTRIAL LIFE video, 2000, 15 minutes* "An exquisite montage
of ephemeral images and sounds gathered from near and far are juxtaposed
with the intangible implications of dreams and the implacable facts of a
war-torn planet to lull us into a sublime sense-memory reverie." (NEFVF)
*AMERICA CENTRAL video, 2004, 6.5 minutes*
News-feeds over a bucolic intersection suggest the simultaneity of urban and
rural, war and the quotidian.
*NIGHT VISION video, 2005, 2 minutes*
An apocalyptic landscape.
*UNDER THE RAIN video, 1997, 10 minutes*
 On the road to Shanghai there is a hospital. I have been to this place
before, but I don't recognize the landscape and the buildings. In a
pedestrian underpass dancers practice, ballroom-style. Rain falls on a
sixteenth century garden. There is a flash of lightning over the sea.
Instead of dying away immediately it remains bright, like a phosphorous
flare or bomb.
*A TROPICAL STORY video, 1999, 9.5 minutes*
"Fleetly edited images and sounds of stunning clarity suggest the push and
pull of a vivid present and inner recollection, 'a lesson on thinking of
something and being far away from it and seeing other things entirely.'"
*DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS video, 2002, 9 minutes
**CALCUTTA INTERSECTION video, 2003, 10 minutes*
 Tuning in to the historical unconscious while life goes on as usual.
*HISTORY OF THE SEA video, 2004, 14.5 minutes*
 A series of excursions and dream journal entries frame a dialectical
meditation that moves between the overwhelming presence of the physical
world and the linguistic perambulations of the unconscious mind.

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