Re: sf s8 processing

From: jeanne liotta (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 28 2008 - 08:07:00 PDT

Well maybe a few brain cells or lung cells or liver cells ;) --. no I
have processed both VNF and Em-26 or whatever it is with the E6 kit
as well and it all works just fine. You can split chemical hairs for
color shift etc but if you want that just send it out for proper
processing. (Also PacLab in NYC does daily runs of ekta.)
I hate those Lomo and G-3 tanks, sorry Miriam, too fussy for the
likes of me. Buckets if you like to do it in the dark with big gloves
on, but my favorite is negative processing tanks with the spirals
removed. Perfect for super 8 and pretty much guarantees accidental
beauty. Use ventilation and don't forget yr rubbers, lovers.
>Why not get a Tetenal E6 kit and give it a go?
>A lot more fun that shipping it away, or throwing it away.
>What have you got to lose but an hour in the bathtub?
>- Pip Chodorov

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