Re: sf s8 processing???

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 22:29:36 PDT

In San Francisco for s8 processing you gotta go to
Action Camera. Then they send the film off. Can't
recall where now but turnaround is very fast. The
price is sans shipping so it's a better deal than just
sending it yrself. You might be able to go through
Gasser's but it's fer sher more expensive. Action
Camera was for years on West Portal but word is they
are moving to Taraval and 26th Ave. ("You can see the
ocean from there.")

That would be he Pacific Ocean.

Steve Polta

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> Hello all.
> I'm going to be selling 3 or 4 S8 cameras, and as I
> was gathering them, I found one still had a roll of
> film in it.
> So where can I develop a roll of Kodak Ektachrome?
> I haven't done anything with S8 in at least 10
> years.
> I'm in San Francisco.
> any info appreciated.
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