Re: elmo gs-1200

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 09:41:51 PDT

Regarding the Elmo GS-1200 Xenon super-8 projector,
does Jason, or anyone else, know anything about these

San Francisco Cinematheque has/had one of these
once--a Elmo GS-1200 Super 8mm which had been modified
to accept a "Marc 300" power supply and blast out a
massive amount of light, like you could project
super-8 like 100 yards (maybe I exaggerate). The mod
was done according to some plans that Brodsky and
Treadway provided, which they now claim are obsolete
for some reason.

Anyway, about ten years ago, some bad person broke
into a staffer's car and stole the power supply--not
the projector, just the power supply. We still have
the projector but not the Marc 300 power supply. Does
anyone out there know anything about this? I've asked
Elmo geezers and they always say "Well, you need to
find yerself a Marc 300 technician." OK. Well, dunno
about that. Does anyone in Frameworks-land know
anything about this? It would be great to get this
machine rolling again...

Thanks for any help...

Steve Polta
San Francisco Cinematheque

--- Jason Halprin <email suppressed> wrote:

> Roger,
> I've been watching ebay for one of these bad boys
> for a while, and
> haven't had much luck, they rarely come up.
> However, depending on just
> how much you have to throw around, here's a link to
> a place in Japan
> that is offering a sweet used GS-1200 xenon
> projector for the not so
> sweet price of 682,500 yen (playback only):
> I'm also very interested in sourcing one of these,
> so if anyone has
> leads, anywhere in the world, please post them
> on-list.
> -Jason Halprin
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