This Thursday, NYUFF '07 at the IFC Center

From: Nellie Killian (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 25 2008 - 05:54:50 PDT

This Thursday, The New York Underground Film Festival will be presenting
selections from the 2007 festival at the IFC Center in Manhattan. The
final NYUFF is only days away, come prepare yourself by checking out some of
what you missed last year!

Speaking of the final NYUFF, coming to Anthology Film Archives Apr 2-8,
tickets go on sale tomorrow at
New York Underground Film Festival Selected Shorts
*Thursday, 3/27 at 9:45
IFC Center 323 6th Avenue at w.3rd street*
*Buy tickets:
*(Tommy Chat Just E-mailed Me)*
Dir. Ryan Trecartin
Relationships develop and disintegrate in Trecartin's study of life inside
and outside an email.
*I Like This Sound*
Dir Mark Ther
Do you hear what is going on?
*And We All Shine On*
Dir Michael Robinson
"An ill wind is transmitting through the lonely night, its signals spreading
myth and deception along its murky path. Conjuring a vision of a
post-apocalyptic paradise, this unworldly broadcast reveals its hidden
demons via layered landscapes and karaoke, singing the dangers of mediated
spirituality." - M. Robinson
*Blow: A Public Service Announcement *
Dir. Dick Thompson
"If you get hooked it's nobody else's fault. So don't do it!" – D. Thompson
*Cervesa Atlas*
Dir Janicza Bravo
Two women holiday on a small motorboat that seems to be going nowhere.
*Ask the Insects *
Dir. Steve Reinke
"Nine micro-essays on animation and death--with many appearances including
Goethe, Pink Floyd and Bambi--leads to a final encounter and
introduction."--Video Data Bank
*Lost *
Dir Jeanne Finley and John Muse
"Lost combines a segment of an audio diary by Chaplin Major Eric Olson with
a single, evolving shot of a former military base where dense fog obscures
and reveals details of the landscape. The original video footage reframes
the moral ambiguities of the diary segment, which chronicles what Olson
calls "a very legitimate shooting" of an Iraqi by American soldiers and
their efforts to assist the Iraqi's widow." – J. Finley
*Capital *
Dir. Ruth Maclennan
"Capital is a subjective series of stark encounters and trancelike
wanderings through a city under construction. The unnamed city is Astana,
Kazkahstan's new capital founded by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1997,
to consolidate his power base, and make his mark on the country. The camera
acts as an invisible protagonist drifting through the lives of the city's
inhabitants. The voice of a stranger to the city addresses the
founder-ruler, conjuring up visions of the future, present and past of the
unnamed capital. The film evokes a dream state, and in it, a dreamed up
city, somewhere in the world. The dream city is in conflict with a real,
suppressed past and people existing in that past, who are being forced into
a glossy but oppressive future. The film echoes past tales of travellers to
Central Asia, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, and even the Thousand and
One Nights where the story-teller's ability to perform a role and tell a
tale is a question of survival. – R. Maclennan
*K *
Dir. Ewa Einhorn
"K: the two domains of law: the office and the guillotine." - E. Einhorn
*Life and Times of Robert Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper*
Dir. Aaron Valdez
"Overlayed newsreel footage of Robert Kennedy and images from the classic
Hollywood western High Noon blur the line between truth and fiction." – A.
*July Fix*
Dir. Jason Livingston
Like a bee's-eye view of a field of flowers on a bright clear day. Makes
pollination look fun.
*Jerry Ruis, Shall We Do This *
Dir. Josh Safdie and Ariel Shulman
Do I have to go through this? A short about Jerry Ruis.
*Desert Pumps *
Dir. Cathee WIlkins and Steve Hall
"Two tweaky twats search through a shack for pumps in the hot hi-desert of
California." – C. Wilkins
*According to... *
Dir. Kevin Jerome Everson
"According to…, with a rich source of found footage and shot film, is a
short film about several versions of tragic events in southern rural Black
America." – K. Everson
*Between Me and Earth *
Dir. Christopher Miner
"Between Me and Earth centers on the artist's trip to Niagara Falls with his
girlfriend. The video unfolds against a backdrop of striking vistas and
man-made sites, contrasting natural beauty with tawdry tourist traps. In his
accompanying monologue, Miner uses the quixotic goal of going over Niagara
Falls in a barrel as a metaphor for a monumental decision concerning his own
sexual and religious commitments." - Manie Tinkler

Nellie Killian
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