Re: FCP screening sizes and output formats

From: Bryan Shelton (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 15:00:33 PDT

It is is impossible to know the best way to display
your video without knowing the specifics of your

1. Was the material shot 24p or 29.97. Progressive
will always provide a better uprezzed image. If it
was shot 24p, make sure you are working at 24p.

2. Are there a lot of rendered effects? If so,
working in a codec other than DV will be beneficial as
each render in the DV codec causes a slight loss of
visual information. If it is render heavy, you can
try Media Managing to ProRes 422 or Uncompressed
10-bit and then re-rendering all the FX. The benefit
here is slight and the drive space and render time can
be huge so use your best judgment.

3. What is the native format of the projector you are
using? Does it project interlaced material cleanly?
Is the DVD player upconverting? If so, how good is
its deinterlacing?

I have found that high end upconverting DVD players do
a great job of handling the image processing necessary
to cleanly display interlaced SD. But with a lesser
player, de-interlacing 29.97 material to 23.98p before
you burn your DVD can produce a superior image. You
can use the advanced frame controls panel in
Compressor to do this. The Nattress Standards
Conversion filter for FCP is also quite nice and takes
less processing time though it costs $100.

With a nice clean source, a normal, high quality
6-7Mps MPeg2 encode, and a good DVD player/projector
set up you can get a more than acceptable image at
cinema screen sizes.


--- Stefanos Pavlakis <email suppressed> wrote:

> I have been asked to edit a short video shot on mini
> DV (3CCD camera) and to output it in a format that
> could show on a cinema screen.
> Any suggestions what my best output from Final Cut
> would be (onto DvD) and what size of screen I could
> project on, without getting embarrassed with the
> image
> quality on screen?
> Best wishes,
> Stefanos
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