gentel reminder: THIS THU MARCH 27 kino21: REGIME CHANGE

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Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 11:20:29 PDT

kino21 presents

REGIME CHANGE: When governments fall what happens to people?

  o Chris Marker's The Embassy
  o Jean-Gabriel Periot's Even If She Had Been A Criminal...
  o Daniel Barnett's An Anagram (filmmaker in person!)

Thursday, March 27, 8pm
Artists Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco
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L'Ambassade [The Embassy]
by Chris Marker, 21 min. super 8mm (shown on DVD), 1971

Chris Marker's super-8 film shows political dissidents seeking refuge in the
French embassy after the military coup d'Etat in Chile. Over the next few days,
more and more people fleeing the military assault - teachers, students,
intellectuals, artists, and politicians - arrive at the embassy.


Eut-elle ete criminelle ...
[Even if She Had Been a Criminal ... ]
by Jean-Gabriel PĂ©riot, 10 min, video, 2006 (SF Premiere)

France 1944. Paris is finally liberated from Nazi occupation. De Gaulle's Free
French Forces and American troops are greeted with jubilation, and the streets
are full of private expressions of joy and public rituals of victory. But after
a bloody and brutal war victory has a dark side. It could mean a settling of
scores, a turning of the victor, ever so briefly, into victimizer.


An Anagram
by Daniel Barnett, 42 min. video, 2003 (World premiere)

On August 19, 1991 when Mikhail Gorbachev was nearly overthrown in an attempted
coup, ABC news sent Gary Henoch to Moscow to cover the events that followed.

Edited from Henoch's footage shot during that choatic time, Barnett's subtle
portrait is an essay in changing parts: what has changed, what remains? Rather
than a "Frontline" style explication of events, it trades in what Paul Auster
calls "a syntax of the eye, a grammar of pure kinesis." In capturing the
results of a civilization having had its belief system knocked out from under
it, it wears the soul of historical disappointment on its sleeve.

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