Re: Filming the Moon

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 06:53:21 PDT

Ken, as you had the teleconverter on when you did the in-camera
metering (right ?) then you don't want to open up to compensate. (For
"allowing" I meant in comparison to not using it).

I did the brackets with the dslr as it responds to overexposure much
as a reversal film stock does.

Hotter = brighter (and risk of overexposing detail on the moon's
surface - pretty high-con object !) but one might want the moon to
say "bright"

It sounds like you're on the right track and may in fact have nailed it


On Mar 24, 2008, at 12:02 AM, Ken Paul Rosenthal wrote:

> Thanks for the input Sam.
> Yes, our meters read exactly the same; f8/11 split, with the ASA
> set at 80 to take into account that my S8 camera's shutter angle is
> 150 degrees, not 180.
> Keep in mind that I'm shooting Reversal Stocks--Plus-X and EK 100D,
> both rated at 100ASA--so my exposures need to be dead on, not
> 'hotter'. By 'hotter' I presume you meant overexposing??
> Ah, but of course--the Teleconverter!!! Hmm, now I'm curious to see
> what reading the in-camera meter will give me without the
> Teleconverter. But then, as Fred cautioned, the moon will take up
> even less of the frame, even if it's centered, and therefore the
> camera meter might weight the reading more towards the night sky.
> All that said, would you recommend shooting at f5.6 with the
> Teleconvertor, or staying at f8? Of course the test roll will bear
> out the results, but I'm curious in the meantime.
> Re flare, I have a second Canon 1014xls and it bears the same
> artifacts, so I don't think there's something 'wrong' with the
> lens, rather it's not a pro lens. Though as far as S8 cameras go,
> it's among the finest.
> Thanks, Ken

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