Re: Long Film for Ambient Light

From: esperanza collado (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 04:23:29 PDT

Hello Jonathan,

last year I curated a piece by Anthony McCall and you helped me to
find more information about a recreation of the paracinematic Long
Film for Ambient Light.

At the moment I am finishing my PhD on paracinema, which is not 100
per cent on paracinema but a progressive dematerialization of the
medium, ending up with the some of the film performances by the
lettrist and vienne artists. performances, event, and communications
in which there was no actual "film", as you might expect.

so, as you seem to be the only person who has investigated further on
this subject, i would very much appreciate if you just let me know how
you first heard of this term -I suspect through the interview
Hanlon-Jacobs. I know Frampton used the term, I actually have seen his
handwritten notes on Zorns Lemma. It would be fantastic if you tell me
if there is any more documentation -apart from Jacobs and Frampton- on
the notion, and how you became interested...

Have you done more research on it? I think you mentioned a workshop last year.

Thanks very much.

Esperanza Collado
Creative Arts Department
DBS College Dublin

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