Re: Filming the Moon

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 22 2008 - 21:32:33 PDT

Hi Ken --

I just read the moon tonight - midnight EDT - with my digital spot
meter (moon sits within most of 1 degree) cloudless sky

Assuming ASA 100 & 1/50 sec (that wd be 180 degree shutter - do the
math for yours) I got an f8 - f11 split, closer to f8.

This seems as I expected, remembering shooting the bright part of an
eclipse - not the recent one - a few years ago on pushed 7245
daylight film.

I would guess you could put the moon 2 stops over mid grey -- or make
it hotter - one stop.

I also just shot it with my DSLR with the above assumptions,
bracketed I liked f 11 or f 16 (contrastier detail)

In your calculations, bear in mind the 1.4 converter is costing you
one stop.

I'd be inclined to loose the yellow filter -- for B&W it will only
darken a bold blue & I think you'll have plenty of contrast in the
subject itself, the moon much brighter than the clouds it illuminates..

The teleconverter could be contributing to flare, or maybe you've
just got a flarey lens.



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