Announcing the 2008 Handmade Filmmaking Camp

From: Robert Schaller (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 05:52:53 PDT

The 2008 Rocky Mountain Handmade Filmmaking Camp
July 12 - 20, 2008

This week-long intensive course, held in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky
Mountains, explores and explains the physical and chemical nature of the
medium and its hand-made photographic possibilities. Its goal is to create
an open and artistically charged environment where experiment, discovery,
and questioning can yield new and exciting results and inspiration. It is
open to beginners and veterans alike, requiring only a desire to understand
the medium, its nature, applications, and to explore what role it can play
in an artistic life.

Beyond offering in-depth tools and techniques focused on participantsı
creation of their own handmade films, the week is also structured to foster
meaningful dialogue with other filmmakers and their work through screenings,
discussions, visiting filmmakers, and immersion in the aesthetic
possibilities of hand-processed film. The weekıs principal guide and
teacher is Robert Schaller, an experimental filmmaker and innovator of
handmade and interdisciplinary processes who has taught at the University of
Colorado, the San Francisco Art Institute and the San Francisco Film Arts

The Camp takes place amidst aspen groves, ponderosa pine forests, and
wildflowers in an idyllic setting located in the Rocky Mountains, 45 minutes
northwest of Boulder, Colorado, at an elevation of 8,200 feet. The setting
is conducive to an intense focus on the work at hand while providing
immersion in the beauty of the natural world, and just minutes away from the
wilderness areas of the Colorado Front Range.

The Camp begins Saturday, July 12st and runs through Sunday, July 20th. Go
to for details.


The 2008 Wilderness Filmmaking Expedition
July 26 - August 3, 2008

Spend a week making films in a remote wilderness area of the high Colorado
Rockies:  think Robert Flaherty making films in the arctic, and the
photographers of the American Civil War doing wet-plate photography at the
battle fields in a portable darkroom (only with plants and without the

This will be a truly unique event, combining an immersion in the wilderness
with an immersion in zero-emmissions, self-carried, handmade filmmaking. We
will shoot film, process it under the stars, edit, and project, surrounded
by the majesty of the high mountains. This is not just a class, but a
transcendent experience of what filmmaking can be, with the wilderness
itself as the vast and endlessly fascinating subject.

This trip will be strenuous and is limited to 6 participants. It is certain
to be unforgettable. For details, visit our website at

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.