Re: Wanted for sale: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

From: Fred Davidson (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 15:16:14 PDT

Hi Steven,

      I'm afraid not. I can't help you there. I do not have "The
Revolution Will Not Be Televised".
      But again, to reiterate, as I told you once before, I want you
to know that you can have my "Unseen Cinema" DVD's to borrow anytime.
Anytime you want you can have them. All you need to do is say the
word. Just say the word and I'll ship the whole package to you. And
make note, I'll ship the pamphlet, the box, and all. Try and get them
apples from Netflix. At Netflix you may be able to get all seven
disks, yes I think you can, and I think you can even get all seven
disks to count as one rental, strange but true, but I don't think at
Netflix you can get the box, the pamphlet, and all that I would send
you. However, hear this, I'm not one to speak for certain because I'm
not a Netflix subscriber. Gasp, yikes, I'm not even Hungarian for
Christ's sake. I will be when they get "Satantango". I'll become a
Netflix subscriber not a Hungarian when Netflix gets "Satantango" you
silly goose you. (Shaking my head no and pointing with my
forefinger.) Gesh! When Netflix gets "Satantango" you can bet your
sweet bippy I sure will run, nay, dash to my nearest computer to
subscribe. Now, as I was saying, I'll ship the whole kit and caboodle
USPS book rate to you. It takes about seven days. I only ask that
when you are done viewing that you kindly return it to me intact.
Keep it about a year or two or three or... hell, why don't we just
make that three and a half! No problem. That would be quite all
right. O.K. I've got to get going. Contact me off list please.

Your friend and former partner in crime,

I'm in Boca Raton presently. In three and a half years? Who knows?
Who knows where I'll be? Chicago? That's a thought. In Cleveland? The
place where I was born and raised? I don't know. I don't know. In
Detroit? Maybe. Or maybe I'll be living in Baltimore. Loyola of
Maryland is in Baltimore. Go Greyhounds go! You'll root for the
Greyhounds won't you? You can do that for me can't you? Of course you
can. Don't forget to contact me off list please.

email suppressed

On Mar 5, 2008, at 5:38 PM, steven budden wrote:

> Anyone have a copy of "The revolution will not be televised" to sell?
> Steven

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