Re: copyright and the 13th floor elevators

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 16:11:11 PDT

Hi Gina!

  In England we call them lifts of course but you made
me realise now that it was a "13th floor elevator"!
(groan). Sadly they seem to have fixed it now as it's
started saying 4th floor instead of 4th basement. I
was hoping I could get a recording of it saying 13th
floor too, so I'm a bit dissapointed. It did it to me
a few weeks ago again, so it definitely wasn't a sleep
deprivation issue.

  Thanks for the strange poetry. :)

  As you can see I'm a bit behined on my email *cough*
I actually have stuff I havn't answered from last year
still! eeek!



--- Regina Muff <email suppressed> wrote:

> ah precaution. afterimage just published articles on
> high performance and general idea. where are you
> now, kathy high? can we not mourn the loss of
> felix? bernie thanks but we dont need another
> scholar. from mulvey to kipnis they all eventually
> write. (jeanne c finley began with such promise and
> now? it's blockbusters on nazis and russians.)
> (freya freya where is that elevator?) reinke glued
> pages from freud together, now hes writing with
> rosalind kraus (and who can blame him? anyone know
> how did laura u marks start?). somewhere theres a
> victim of copyright law but could it be on this
> list? hmmm
> gina

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