PARADISE NOW! Essential French Avant-Garde Cinema

From: Michael Witt (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 08 2008 - 13:45:47 PST

PARADISE NOW! Essential French Avant-Garde Cinema, 1890-2008

Friday 14 March - Friday 2 May 2008

Tate Modern, London

Don't miss 7 weekends of the best French avant-garde cinema, including an unprecedented selection of pioneering experimental film from the last hundred years, including classics, as well as marvellous surprises, from psychedelia to erotica, via music videos and radical political filmmaking. This season of over ninety films will change your perception of cinema and the world. The theme of each screening is inspired by manifestos written by celebrated DADA provocateurs Marcel Duchamp and Tristan Tzara, and is guaranteed to make you look at the French avant-garde in a new light.

Curated by Nicole Brenez, Michael Temple, Michael Witt, with Pierre d'Amerval and Laurent Mannoni in association with Tate Modern and La Cinémathèque Française


Programme 1: FIGURATIVE

Friday 14 March 2008, 19.00

'distorting mirrors... multiplying the movements to infinity'

Kicking off the season is an evening of films about bodies, magic, movement, and how cinema transforms the material world. A short film by George Méliès - the renowned turn-of-the-century 'cinemagician' and pioneer of special effects - is joined by work from Etienne-Jules Marey, famed for the very earliest experiments in representing the human form on film, and recent work by video performance artists Klonaris and Thomadaki.

Films by Etienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demen