Re: pedro costa's films on dvd/vhs

From: mustafa uzuner (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 05 2008 - 12:55:11 PST

  His Ossos, Casa de Lava and O sangue have all been issued on DVD in France by Paolo Branco's Gemini Video. The discs have optional French and English subtitles and they are all coming with a bunch of very good extras, interviews, etc. However, it seems they are no longer available through amazon or alapage. Maybe some other online retailers can still have them in stock, or you should try to check through ebay.
To my knowledge, In Vanda's Room has so far only been available in Japan, with only japanese subtitles option. And it seems to be still available.
 Spanish DVD distributor Intermedio announced to release his last feature film Juventud en marcha and In Vanda's Room long time ago but they still haven't showed up and also I am doubtful about the possibility of English subtitles considering their past releases. For those interested, their other upcoming releases are as much interesting as the Costas, probably they are going to do DVD world premieres of most of Godard and Gorin's Dziga Vertov Group titles.

Assirio & Alvim in Portugal released the documentary on Straub&Huillet O gt votre sourire enfoui? with English subtitles option on the disc a couple of years back with a very lovely packaging accompanied by a book in Portuguese.

Hope this helps.


miss maya <email suppressed> wrote: hi does anyone know where i can rent/buy these by the
portuguese filmmaker? thanks!

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