Bruce Conner 16mm prints for sale

From: DOMINIC ANGERAME (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 14:31:26 PST

Greetings to everyone.

Bruce Conner has request that I personally sell
several of his used rental prints. I am conducting
these sales with his permission, knowledge, and
authorization. All transactions will be handled by me
personally and not through Canyon Cinema. Below are
the titles for sale, the condition of the prints and
the costs. Anyone interested in purchasing these
prints or have questions, please contact me at
email suppressed

Thank you.

Dominic Angerame

1) One used rental print of A MOVIE.

            Print is photogarded/estar base mint
condition with the exception of sprocket indentations
during the first 3 feet. They are not visible and are
in the leader only. Print contains two tape splices in
the first 1/3 of the print.

 Sale Price: $1200


Print #1--mint condition, estar base, photogarded

Print #2—same as above

Sale Price $1200 each

3) One used print of MONGOLOID. Used print, estar
base mint condition.

Sale Price: $400

4) One used print of TEN SECOND FILM. Photogarded,
acetate perforation repair during first ½ foot of film
otherwise good condition.

Sale Price: $300

5) One used print of THE WHITE ROSE. This is a used
print estar. There are two tape splices in the head
section, otherwise mint condition.

Sale Price: $600

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