Job Posting: AD of UC Berkeley Center for New Media

From: Cybelle (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 29 2008 - 20:05:26 PST

Here is a job posting a friend just asked me to pass along that may be
of interest to some of you. Interviews begin in 2 weeks.

All the best,
Maļa Cybelle

Maļa Cybelle Carpenter


Associate Director of UC Berkeley Center for New Media

The Berkeley Center for New Media is seeking a highly motivated and
energetic Associate Director. We're looking for a creative,
diplomatic, and resourceful person with outstanding communication
skills and knowledge of issues in New Media who can effectively
facilitate cross-disciplinary events, outreach, and research on New
Media at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley's Center for New Media (BCNM) is dedicated to exploring
new media from cross-disciplinary and global perspectives that
emphasize public interests. BCNM draws from diverse historical and
contemporary ideas from over 110 affiliated scholars and faculty from
over 30 Departments across campus. BCNM offers graduate courses to
educate future leaders and organizes meetings, symposia, and special
events for researchers, industry, and for the public. Please see for details.

As the second-in-command to the Director (who continues to serve as
full-time professor on campus), the Associate Director is actively
involved in all aspects of running the Center and covers a range of
responsibilities from program management to daily office operations.
The AD
works with the Director and Executive Committee on strategic planning
and facilitates execution of BCNM objectives. The AD is responsible
for organizing events and meetings, managing administrative
operations, and supervising a small group of part-time staff and
work-study students. The Associate Director helps to identify new
opportunities and advises on decision making. The AD's primary
responsibility is to coordinate execution, daily operations, and
oversee budgets. The AD must be flexible and resourceful: using
analytic skills to evaluate activity status and guide implementations;
using communication skills to represent the organization in a
professional manner both in person and in writing, and to build
collegial, collaborative relations on campus and among the wider
community; using marketing and fundraising abilities to expand BCNM's
visibility and resources; using administrative/management abilities to
operate a unit that runs a variety of programs with limited
supervision and support staff; using creativity and initiative to
develop sustainable new policies, procedures, and practices; using
persistence and patience to complete space planning and renovations;
using time and project management abilities to coordinate complex
projects and priorities; and using organizational skills to anticipate
deadlines while managing and resolving a wide array of details.

The AD represents BCNM on and off campus in support of new media
research at UC Berkeley. The AD works regularly with department
chairs, program directors, and with faculty, staff, and administrators
at UC Berkeley, as well as with graduate students and work-study


Applicants should have comparable prior administrative/management
experience with
programmatic, operational, budgetary, and supervisory responsibilities
and background
in media-related arts, design, humanities, or engineering. Familiarity
with UC systems is highly desirable.


This position is a variable-time appointment ranging from 60% to 80%
(3 to 4 days per week). The percentage of the appointment will depend
operational needs. The minimum appointment percent is 60%.

Salary: The annual salary range for this position is $49,284-$92,208
and will be prorated at the appointment percent. This position is
eligible for comprehensive career level benefits. Starting salary will
be commensurate with skills and experience. This is a one year,
renewable contract position.


To Apply, please submit:

1) 100-word summary of your primary qualifications/experience,
2) 100-word statement about why this job appeals to you,
3) names and emails of two references (will not be contacted without
your permission)
4) resume
5) available start date


BCNM Director Ken Goldberg <email suppressed>
BCNM Admin Christie McCarthy <email suppressed>

Please put: "BCNM Associate Director Position" on the subject line

also, please visit and apply officially for
job #8072
The University of California is an equal opportunity employer.


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