Premiere von zwischen | stadt | raum

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 - 02:25:52 PST

in-between | city | space
statements from gropiusstadt berlin
3-channel video installation

Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt, Kleiner Saal
Bat-Yam-Platz 1
12353 Berlin
U-Bahn: Lipschitzallee (U 7)

Premiere of the video
zwischen | stadt | raum
by Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler

Saturday, 1 March 2008 at 16:00
With Diskussion:
Public Space, Gropiusstadt, and the Future of a Suburb

Saturday, 1 March 2008 at 21:00
Gropiusstadt Songs
Rap with groups from Gropiusstadt

Sunday, 2.3.2008 um 16:00
Gropiusstadt as a meeting place
Coffee, Discussion and Cake
With Frauencafe, ImPULS, Seniorengruppe and others.

Exhibition opening hours 14:00-20:00

In 2006 Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler
worked as artists-in-residency at "Pilotproject
Gropiusstadt". Using the camera as a means for
interaction, they met with people from
Gropiusstadt, a large scale-residential housing
project from the 70's in Berlin. They talked with
people who are active in the public realm or, who
just use public in their daily life. From the
large amount of video recordings and photographic
images they took, the two artists have edited a
three-channel video composition. It shows
impressions and statements about Gropiusstadt and
about the conditions of public space in this
modernist part of the Berlin city.

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