Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - Urban Legends

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 11:16:53 PST

This is a good one, although Anger never misses an
opportunity to deny ever having met Manson. The
further mythologize, there was supposedly much footage
for LUCIFER RISING shot in this house that was
spirited away by Mason associate and LUCIFER-star
Bobby Beausoleil. This is the one that got away,
leading to the creation of INVOCATION OF MY DEMON
BROTHER from the remains.

This is all fairly well known; David Sherman actually
made a film--TO RE-EDIT THE WORLD--that includes much
of the lore from these days in SF filmmaking. While
focusing on non-canonized filmmaker Dion Vigne, and
including much of Vigne's archival material, the film
also discusses the Anger/Beausoleil relationship,
Brakhage's encounter with Christopher MacClaine (as
told in FILM AT WITS END, CM was a speed addict who
obsessively polished metal objects; his apartment was
accessed by climbing out the window of an insurance
agancy or something). Last but not least, the film
contains footage of Anger at a large cat owners club
in San Leandro CA.

> an urban legend of a film: Kenneth Anger and Anton
> Levay (pre-C of S) lived in the old Russian embassy
> in San Francisco, kept large animals, let Charlie
> Manson crash on the couch, and shot parts of Scorpio
> Rising in the basement.
> Scott and Fulton if you are in the neighborhood.

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