friday night at the Fuertes Observatory

From: jeanne liotta (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 09:29:03 PST

Hey F'Workers

AS this is not exactly a *film* event I hesitated to post it, but
hey, anyone in the Ithaca area might be interested in this artist
talk I am giving ,with visual aids;) at The Fuertes Observatory,
Cornell University ,Friday Night at 7pm. It is part of the Cornell
Astronomical Society's Friday Night Science lecture series.
Free viewing through the big scope after lecture, weather permitting!
{In anticipation of my screening at Cornell Cinema next Tuesday so
there's the tie-in}.
AS follows:

The Poetry of Facts and the Search for Non-Metaphorical Sublime
Jeanne Liotta

Jeanne Liotta is an artist, filmmaker and amateur astronomer who
first visitied The Fuertes Observatory on a cold night in the year
2000 while Carl Orff and ABBA were wafting out from the building and
over the campus. It was her first time looking through an actual
telescope, and she was instantly hooked on observing. Since then she
has embarked on gathering "celestial field recordings" on 16mm film,
and now after seven years has just finished the film "Observando El
Cielo" showing at Cornell Cinema on Tuesday Feb 26. Jeanne will share
some of her projects and experiments which have been inspired by
observing, thinking, reading, and making works about science, and is
very excited to come back to Fuertes, where it all started.

Jeanne Liotta
240 EAst 4th st #5A
NY NY 10009
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