Re: Eclectique Moving Series 1 in Maryland-Feb 21 at 8pm Amc Theares in Greenbelt, Md

From: Chris Lynn (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 16 2008 - 20:00:20 PST

Hello everyone,
sorry for the late announcement, but I wanted to say
we are having a screening of experimental films this
thursaday in Greenbelt, Maryland. The theatre owners
are trying to branch out every few months and do
someting innovative and artistic. If you are in the
area, check it out. The program, which deals with
landscapes and memory, is below.

1.Storm on Goldhill-mini dv Malia Murray-(5min)The
Colorado Rockies are captured during an approaching
storm in the middle of summer.

2.Observation of a Satellite by Andrew Busti and Layne
Garrett (4 minutes)35mm. An homage to the enchanted
wanderer, Joseph Cornell

3.Tide mills (Nick Collins) 16mm. The poetry of the UK
seacoast on any given day.

4.France 1(divers of St.Malo)(5min) mini dv Chris
Lynn-A beginning.
Summer Landscapes in Brittany are explored through
sounds and images. Life is celebrated and quietly
embraced through the fading light.

5.Iceland by Fabienne Gautier super 8 (4 minutes).
Iceland's landsape seems to reflect a particular
internalization of feeling. It speaks to the internal

6.ESB Sequence Robert Robertson-UK Super 8
film(3min)-A massive syringe penetrating the clouds
catching fire at night.

7.Night Walk- super8(7min) An improvised walk through
Paris at night.

8. Just Another Day -Makara Mandela-Voice over
narration is juxtaposed with images of landscapes and
historical figures to bring awareness to a number of
social issues that continue to plague society.

9.Point of Beginning- Ryan Marino-17min 16mm-Portraits
of three places in the U.S. Midwest are used in
examination of history and its relationship to the

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