Re: Analog TV Historical Emergency

From: Thad Povey (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2008 - 13:28:37 PST

Likely though the noise will of interior quality as the final supply is
depleted, not unlike the last rolls of Kodachrome pulled from the back
of a refrigerator (analog is analog, right?). Next year at this time
you'll be singing the blues when you see what early 2008 transmission
noise is getting on ebay.

No time to lose...


Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:20:08 -0500
From: Bryan McKay <email suppressed>
Subject: Re: Analog TV Historical Emergency

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This sounds wonderful and I fully support the idea, except for one small
issue... I think the transmissions are slated to end on February 17, 2009,
not 2008. This gives us a little over a year rather than only a few days.
Not quite the emergency this message suggests!

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