Demise of Rep Theater article

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 11:48:37 PST

The following link was posted by Jeff Kreines on the AMIA listserv.

Quote from article:

"It's very difficult at this time," Meyer said. "But I have hope that in a
couple of years, when digital becomes more available, we might be able to do
it. With film, there are $150 shipping costs, and I have to pay a
projectionist $16 an hour to work from noon to 11. Digital would reduce the
cost and make it feasible."

"With digital," Lavine said, "the studio could send you a transmission - or
a DVD for 41 cents shipping instead of $150. You want a business model?
Throw out your projectors and invest in the best video projection you can
get. You could even play store-bought DVDs, if you contact the right holder.
You could charge five or six dollars admission instead of 10. And you might
be able, if you're personable enough, to play this stuff at a very reduced
rate. Run the Universal logo on-screen as people come in. Sell DVDs in the
lobby. There are creative ways. Exhibitors can either go to bed angry or
wake up and change, because this is what it is."


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