A big THANKYOU to all the people on frameworks who helped me recently

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2008 - 15:38:40 PST

I just want to say thanks so much to the people here
who helped me when I was struggling with my
dissertation. Many people here rushed to help me and I
was really touched by the response. It was also
genuinely a big help to me, even the little things
like when Dr Wees pointed out the page numbers I
should have been able to find for myself because my
head was still (is still) fuzzy and half asleep.

I managed to get my dissertation in and I think it
will be okay.

I'm hoping to finally get to see a counciller sometime
over the next week or so *fingers crossed* but I'm
rushed off my feet just trying to get stuff together
even slightly in my life.

It's been an intresting time lately and I've just been
very shocked by all the good and kind people who have
tried to help me. Only the other week I was crying on
the tube, which you can do quite easily if you want of
course because you are sort of all alone on the tube,
when suddenly a woman a little way away from me, said
"excuse me" to a passenger between us and reached over
and gave me a tissue. I tried to dry my tears and said
thankyou and smiled at her and waved as she got off. I
can't really explain entirely what this was like
especially if you don't know London, but it was like 2
strangers interacting in a crowded room full of ghosts
who can't see you and who you don't expect to see you,
let alone... I'm not even sure what the right words
are, try to help doesn't seem right somehow even and
there was more to it as there was this strange silent
exchange the way 2 ghosts might communicate if they
could suddenly see one another but knew they were both
ghosts, just smiling at one another.

I've been feeling a lot better this year so far, and
my luck seems to have really changed, although it
seems preety hopeless to even try to sort out the
remains of my life at this point, I'm aware that I'm
one of those people who do six impossible things
before breakfast, so who knows!

Anyway I just really wanted to try and say thankyou
because it meant a lot to me that people tried to
I'm not doing a good job as I'm tired and distracted,
but that won't change anytime soon and if I don't
write this mail now I will just keep putting it off
till I've got a moment, which I won't have and then
I'll regret not writing it.

Hope that makes sense I'm struggling to express
properly what I feel lately, maybe because it's all
quite complex.



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