Re: using found footage texts

From: Elijah Horwatt (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 08 2008 - 12:58:35 PST

Yes--I think the calls for found footage materials are weekly now.
Bill Wees compiled this list last week:

Jay Leyda, Films Beget Films: A Study of the Compilation Film (New
York: Hill and Wang, 1964); Joel Katz, "From Archive to Archiveology,"
Cinematograph 4 (1991): 93-103; Celia Hausheer and Christophe Settele,
eds., Found Footage Film [in German and English] (Lucerne:
VIPER/Zyklop Verlag, 1992); Eugeni Bonet, ed., Desmontaje: Film,
Vídeo/Apropiació [in Spanish and English] (Valencia: IVAM–Centre Julio
González, 1993); Sharon Sandusky, "The Archeology of Redemption:
Toward Archival Films," Millennium Film Journal 26 (1993): 3-25;
William C. Wees, Recycled Images: The Art and Politics of Found
Footage Films (New York: Anthology Film Archives, 1993); James
Peterson, Dreams of Chaos, Visions of Order: Understanding the
American Avant-garde Cinema. (Detroit: Wayne State University Press,
1994), 126-178; Yann Beauvais, Found Footage dans le cadre du cycle
"analyse, collage, mélancolie" (Paris: Galerie Nationale du Jeu de
Paume, 1995); Scott MacKenzie, "Flowers in the Dustbin: Term!
 ite Culture and Detritus Cinema," CineAction 47 (1998): 24-29; Paul
Arthur, "The Status of Found Footage," Spectator 20.1 (1999-2000):
57-69; Patrik Sjöberg, The World in Pieces: A Study of Compilation
Films (Stockholm: Aura förlag, 2001); Jeffrey Skoller, Shadows,
Specters, Shards: Making History in Avant-Garde Film (Minneapolis:
University of Minnesota Press, 2005), 1-37.

--Bill Wees

On Feb 8, 2008 3:28 PM, Tom B Whiteside <email suppressed> wrote:
> Does the call for information on found footage texts come out weekly, or is
> it more often than that?
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